Tailor-made solutions to support current managers and to build a leadership pipeline to handle business challenges with ease.

Main goals of the programme:

To support the current people managers in the organization in upgrading their leadership capacity and skills in order to handle successfully the work challenges related to the growth of the business and the organization.


To build a Leadership pipeline within the company by identifying the leadership talents and supporting those in acquiring the knowledge and skills needed for the successful future performance in people management roles.


The leadeship programmes consist of two phases - group trainings (multiple modules), built around select topics and challenges in the organization, and individual coaching sessions to further institutionalize key takeaways, attitudes and skills. 


Sample topics of the group training modules:

1. Leadership Skills

2. Strategic Thinking

3. People Management, Motivation and Development

4. Creative Thinking and Innovations

5. Communication skills and Emotional Intelligence

. Building Strategies for Personal Development


The programme is intended for Managers, Senior Managers or Next Generation Managers.


Benefits of the programme:


- Increased self-awareness, further inspiration for self-development

- Increased Curiosity – enlarged own perspective, broaden interests, willingness to learn new things, to read more, to discover new points of view


- Retention – overcoming periods of demotivation and disengagement of the participants.

- Upgrade of problem-solving attitude and capacity; 


- Better cross-departmental relationships – trust, communication, stronger links supporting operational efficiency