The LAB approach (Language and Behaviour Profile) of leading a conversation is based on the proven connection between defined structures in the way people talk and their typical behaviour mo...


A virtual instructor led program with a great number of practical tips, on-the-spot goal setting and helpful ideas all leading to insights and change.


Everyone who wants to ATTRACT, CHOOSE and MANAGE successfully the BEST people for the position, you are welcome to join us in this course.

 Key outcomes

  • To learn the basic characteristics of the behaviour models, typical for the candidates.
  • To gain the habit to identify the different types of answers which the candidates give when being interviewed.
  • To know what is hidden behind the expression the other party uses and how these expressions shows who we really are.
  • To know how to elicit the ultimate amount of information about the candidates’ level of knowledge and skills from the answers given.
  • To “capture” the behaviour models so that you can make the right judgement.
  • To gain insights about what we say without noticing and how to provoke the others show their true self.


2 days in vitual sessions
from 9:30 am to 3:15 pm
First edition: 17th and 18th August
Second edition: 17th and 24th November