Time Management

Managing time well in the new normal


Module 1: Time Planning

Participants will increase their personal and organisational effectiveness by successfully learning to plan ahead.

Module 2: Tips and Techniques to Use Time Well

Participants will upbuild their personal and organisational effectiveness by learning practical and proven techniques to help them stay on track with our intentions.


A virtual instructor led program with a great number of practical tips, on-the-spot goal setting and helpful ideas all leading to insights and change.


Everyone who strives for successful completion of tasks, projects and deadlines.

Key outcomes

  • - To explain why planning is important and that it works!
  • - To learn to be in control of how we use our time, doing things we need to do in our available time.
  • - To be less stressed and more creative in achieving what we set out to do.
  • - To apply simple techniques to plan different time frames.
  • - To identify what we can do with those things that eat up our time, often without our say so!
  • - To manage interruptions effectively.
  • - To break a procrastination habit.
  • - To learn 5 techniques to use our time to achieve our intentions.
  • - To identify key actions to implement after the session.


Three 3-hour VILT session
7th and 14th December