Pro-Payback Selling®

Adaptability of selling skills in times of changes.

Pro-Payback Selling

Businesses don’t buy products or services or even people – they buy results.  So in times of crisis salespeople can only succeed by selling solutions which address their customers’ priorities.

Modules 1: Pro-Payback Selling®

PRO-PAYBACK Selling® is a step by step guide through the complete sales process, it’s the handrail to success based on years of research and experience.

In these two session we will go through this guide, which covers each stage of the sales process from organising your time, researching your prospective clients and creating SMART objectives, opening the sales call, asking value driven questions, presenting the benefits to customers with YOU Appeal®, to closing the sale and developing the account.

Module 2: Pro-Payback Advanced Selling®

In this session the participants will continue to practice and hone the selling skills at the highest level using the 10 stages of the PRO-PAYBACK Selling® model. As a professional sales person you need the critical tools and means to connect and communicate with your customer and/or prospect by adapting your own style to suit theirs.


A virtual instructor led program with a great number of practical tips, on-the-spot goal setting and helpful ideas all leading to insights and change.


Anyone involved in any type of selling process and aspiring to be the best in their selling field.

Key outcomes

  • - To apply TACK’s research into buyers’ likes and dislikes when dealing with salespeople.
  • - To apply a proven sales structure and process during every future sales scenario.
  • - To research and target the right prospects and customers to generate the best results.
  • - To develop advanced, consultative questioning skills.
  • - To maximise client relationships by using interpersonal style profiling.
  • - To value the importance of Social Selling in today’s market.
  • - To use different online tools to improve sales rates.
  • - To define Business Partnering and to learn four levels of business partnering and determine current position held.
  • -To explain the Stakeholder decision-making cycle.
  • - To define the importance of connection not just competence when building relationships with Stakeholders.
  • - To practice ways to build trust with Stakeholders.
  • - To design and deliver virtual sales presentations that build customers trust in us and the solution we are proposing.
  • - To deliver persuasive virtual sales presentations that achieve the expected outcome.
  • -To share insights about influencing and engaging the people we present to.


Two days in VILT session
from 9:30 am to 3:15 pm
25th November and 2nd December