Assertiveness… or how to achieve your goals through effective communication


This course enables learning and practice in a safe environment, helping you to gain confidence in making positive, proactive and assertive statements in any given situation. Assertiveness requires sound judgement. Understanding when to be accommodating by taking a more flexible approach to a situation or a colleague’s point of view and when it is appropriate to articulate a strengthening argument or an altogether different point of view is a skill that can be learnt.


Everyone who believes that effective communciation is the true path to building long-term business and personal relationships of trust, loyalty and reached goals.

 Key outcomes

  • To know how to apply the specific principles of effective communication.
  • To know what different behaviours look like – aggressive, passive, passive-aggressive, manipulative, assertive.
  • To be able to identify what is their typical reaction in challenging situations and provocations.
  • To put your thoughts across in a clear and coherent manner.
  • To determine when it makes sense to hold back and when to articulate other ideas.
  • To remain professional at all times, never going beyond what’s acceptable when establishing authority.
  • Practice, practice, practice building assertion skills and self-confidence.


Two sessions
from 9:30 am to 3:15 pm
13th and 16th July