INTERVIEW LIKE A PRO. Learn all about the ins and outs of interviewing.

In this course you will learn all about the ins and outs of interviewing by methods going beyond STAR model, practice new techniques and learn about the psychology of the candidate and the i...

It is no surprise that hiring the wrong person results in losing valuable time, energy and money. However, above all, it creates significant frustration among team members, leading to further loss of productivity. In a fast-changing world, Googlers believe that they have no luxury in hiring the wrong talent. Hence the rigorous hiring process.

The program is designed for interviewers, regardless of their position (HR experts, Team Leaders, Managers, CEOs), who want to know more about how to recruit the best fit with the highest performance potential. As part of the design, participants will practice both candidate and interviewer roles to cement their learnings. A special emphasis will be placed on Situational/Hypothetical type questions, where candidates and interviewers struggle the most with.

Key outcomes

    • Develop skills for more efficient candidate evaluation
    • Understand the psychology of interviewers and the decision-making process.
    • Learn about pitfalls, biases and how to eliminate them
    • Learn how to tackle hypothetical/situational questions as a candidate and how to best evaluate as an interviewer.
    • Adopt techniques going beyond the STAR model.
    • Understand 4 areas for candidate evaluation:
      • Role Related Knowledge
      • Leadership
      • General Cognitive Abilities
      • Culture fit
    • Receive 400+ top tech industry interview questions


4 x 3-hour VILT sessions
30th September and 1st October, from 9:30, am to 12:30 pm EEST
7th and 8th October, from 9:30, am to 12:30 pm EEST

 Facilitator: Abdullah Aydin

Throughout his 11 years in Google, Abdullah gained experience in various roles in Google including Managing SMB Operations bringing his team to be the top performer globally; Leading Video Programs delivering the first scalable learning program in 32 languages;  Pioneering Google Agency pilot which currently generates ~28% of Google’s ad revenue.

Abdullah developed his passion for developing high-performing teams and facilitation by being one of the pioneers of Google’s study on effective teams.

Equipped with several personality assessment certifications and facilitation tools such as LEGO Serious Play, Abdullah focuses on helping individuals and teams discover their inner potential and leverage them in every facet of their lives.

Abdullah enriched his learnings from Exec Ms in Consulting and Coaching for Change program in Oxford and HEC Business Schools with Coaching, Facilitation certifications from Erickson International.

Curiosity being one of his super-powers, Abdullah has a wide range of interests such as human-centred design, Holacratic Cultural Transformation, Designing Communities, Kinesthetic and Embodiment Principles in Leadership etc




700 euro, VAT excluded